How do I monitor my home network to make sure it is up and running?

Todayís homes have more and more automated systems from laptops to desktops to printers and smart appliances.IsItUpís Home Version provides an inexpensive way to monitor the status of a home network. If you own multiple PCs, you have probably setup an inexpensive wireless router for your computers to communicate with the internet and to share resources with each other.You may have some wired connections too. With your computers connected, you can:

The procedure below will help you set up IsItUp to make sure your home network is up and running and alert you if you are having problems.  In addition, you can monitor the status of your internet connection.Many ISPs provide refunds for down time.With IsItUp running, you can provide your ISP with proof of outages.†† For more detailed information on how to monitor your ISP click on the following link:How do you monitor your ISP .

To quickly get started, first:

Download and install IsItUp for a free 30 day trial.Just click on the following link:


1.      Make a list of all your devices on your home network. For computers running Windows, you can determine the IP address by opening a CMD prompt and entering IPCONFIG.It will look as follows :

The IP address of your computer will be displayed as shown in the red box above.The example is for Windows 7 but other versions of Windows will be similar.For computers running other operating systems or for appliances with built-in TCP/IP connectivity, consult their manuals.Another option is to log into your router.Most routers maintain lists of the IP addresses of all devices connected to them. Consult your routerís manual.

2.      Start IsItUp and select Setup/Ip Monitor from the main menu.It will look as follows:

3.      Enter a unique name for the first device identified in step 1.Then enter its IP address.Click next to add other options such as alerts or change the monitoring frequency or click finish to start monitoring.By default, the device will be monitored every 30 minutes.

4.      Repeat for each of the devices in the list you created in step 1.

5.      Sit back and relax. If any of your network devices goes down, IsItUp will know. If you have selected a notification option, such as an email message or a sound, you'll be notified.ItItUp has many more options such as providing a web view so you can keep track of your home network when you are away from home.