How to create a Loopback mailbox in Microsoft Exchange 2007 or 2010 for Round Trip Email Monitoring


Before reading this FAQ, it is recommended that you read the How do I set up IsItUp to monitor an Email Server using a Roundtrip Monitor?  FAQ to become familiar with the terms and concepts defined there.  In order to implement Round Trip Email monitoring for Microsoft Exchange Servers, an Email account must be created on each server to be monitored called the loop back account. Then the loop back account must be configured to auto forward all incoming mail back to the IsItUp host. This can be easily done by first creating a Contact and setting its Email address to IsItUp’s host address and then creating a loop back Email Account and forwarding it to the previously created Contact.    

Download and install IsItUp for a free 30 day trial.  Just click on the following link: ctions/IsItUp.exe




The steps for Exchange 2007 and 2010 are similar.  The steps below are for Exchange 2010:


  1. First create the contact with an email address of IsItUp’s host address.  To do this, start the Exchange Management Console.
  2. In the console tree, click Recipient Configuration.  It should look as follows. In the action pane, click New Mail Contact shown circled in red below.  This will launch the create contact wizard.

  1. On the Introduction page,  select “New contact” as  show in red below and then click on Next

4.      Then fill in the Name and Alias fields.  In the example below, ForwardLoopback is used for both.  However, any name may be used.  Next, click the Edit link shown in red and enter IsItUp’s host address.


5.      Finally, press Next, New on the New Mail Contact page, and Finish on the completion page to create the contact.

  1. Next, create the Loopback account and forward it back to the contact just created. In the console tree, click Recipient Configuration.  It should look as follows. In the action pane, click New Mailbox shown circled in red.  This will launch the create account wizard.


  1. On the Introduction page of the create account wizard, select the User Mailbox radio button as shown below.  Then click Next.

  1. On the User Type page, select New User  and click Next.

  1.  Name the account per your organizations polices.  The example below uses the name “Loopback”.  However, any name can be used.  Then click on Next.


  1. On the Mailbox Settings page, set the Alias to “Loopback” and click Next.



11.  Then click Next on the Archive Settings page, New on the New Mailbox page and finally, Finish on the completion page.  This will complete creating the Loopback account.

12.  Next, the Loopback account just created must be forwarded back the IsItUp contact created earlier.  Select the account you just created in the center pane of the Exchange Management Console and then click on the Properties link in the Action pane (right pane.).

13.  Select the Mail Flow Settings tab. It should look as follows.  Double click on the Delivery Options entry shown in red below.



14.  Check the “Forward to:” check box show in red below and then click the Browse button. Finally, select the Contact created earlier.  In this tutorial it was called “ForwardLoopback”. Now, each time a message is receive by the Loopback account, it will be forward to the “ForwardLoopback” contact which will in turn forward it back to the IsItUp Host email account.