How to Execute an External Program as an Alert


IsItUp can launch an executable, a batch file, or a script as an alert.  This can be useful if there is an action required that is not provided by IsItUp’s built in alerts or as a requirement for some custom application  A different executable or batch job may be specified for the failure alert and the recovery alert or they can both be the same. Furthermore, one or more parameters can be provided.  IsItUp also includes a wide variety of tokens to provide dynamic information about the device being monitored to the external program such as %DeviceName%, %DeviceGroup%, %DownTime% and many others. For a complete list, refer to the end of this document or the help file. As an example, you might want to use the ShutDown command to restart the local or a remote computer or you might want to launch a batch file or a VB script to execute one or more Windows shell commands.  This feature substantially increases the flexibility of IsItUp giving it a virtually unlimited number of different alert types.

If IsItUp is running as a service, you can not specify a GUI application to run on Vista and above as GUI applications are not allowed when running as a service on those operating systems.


To quickly get started, first:

Download and install IsItUp for a free 30 day trial.  Just click on the following link:

1.      Once you have installed IsItUp, you need to create at least one device monitor.  For information on how to create device monitors, please consult the help file as well as the startup guide.  You can add Executable / Batch alerts while you are creating device monitors or later using the modify feature.  In either case, just click on the navigation link as show below in red or click on the next button until you reach the Step 6 – Setup Executable/Sounds page. 


It will appear as show below:



2.      You may browse for the Executable / Batch Job you wish to use as an alert or simply enter it in the edit box.  Generally, it is best to put a complete file specification so IsItUp will be able to locate the Executable / Batch Job.  For example, suppose you wanted to launch a batch job to copy a file when the device monitor fails.  Further suppose that the file C:\TestData.dat is to be backed up.  First create a batch file to do the copying as follows:

REM – Copy file.  

REM  - Parameter %1 – Source File

REM – Parameter %2 – Destination File

COPY/Y %1 %2


and save it in C:\BatchFiles\CopyFile.bat. Next enter in the “File name to be executed on failure” the following string C:\BatchFiles\CopyFile.bat C:\TestData.dat c:\TestData.bak and click the add button.   The screen should look as follows:



3.      Next, click on the Finish button to complete adding the alert to the device monitor.

4.      Finally, test the alert by selecting the device monitor in IsItUp’s Device Window (left most window) and right clicking to launch the shortcut menu. Select from the shortcut Test Notifications/Simulate Failure as show below:


List of tokens :