How do I create an Email alert


 Email alerts are often the primary method used to notify you that a device being monitored has failed.  They can be sent to a wide variety of devices such as smart phones, tablets, and PCs and any device that supports an Email client.  IsItUp can also send a text message to your cell phone.  For more information on how to send a text message, see How to send an SMS message alert.  Email alerts can be configured to be sent after one or more failures and can also be configured to skip every N failures so as to decrease the number of alert messages.  A maximum number of alerts can also be set.  It can be helpful to send an alert only after multiple failures in a row to keep false positives as for some types of monitors, an occasional error is to be expected.    Since the devices that receive the alert (Smart Phone, PC,etc)  can have different display sizes, it can be helpful to customize the Email alert to fit the screen of the receiving device.  There is also a wide variety of information that can be included in the Email alert over what is included in the default message.  To customize your email alerts see How to customize Email and SMS alerts.


To quickly get started, first:

Download and install IsItUp for a free 30 day trial.  Just click on the following link:


To create an alert:

1.      Double click on any device monitor in the Device List Window. For example double click on “Sales Web Server” as shown below:




2.      The following screen will be displayed:



3.      Then click on the “Setup Email Notification link in the red box above. The following screen will be displayed




4.      From this dialog, you can Add, Add from Template, Modify and Remove alerts. With the Add from Template button, you can easily add a new alert from a library of alerts you created with the “Alert Template” feature on the configuration tab of the main window.



5.      After clicking on the Add button, the following screen will be displayed :



Here you enter the Email address of the Email account you want the alert sent to as well as configuration information for both failure and recovery alerts.  You can also customize the alert.  For more information on customizing the alert, see How to customize Email and SMS alerts.  If you need to Add, Modify, or Remove an alert from more than one device at a time, see How to make changes to a large number of monitors.