Enabling Exchange to send automatic replies over the internet.


When IsItUp is used to monitor email servers, it sends out test messages to the email system being monitored.  The email system being monitored must auto-forward the test message back to IsItUp so that IsItUp can tell if the email system being monitored is operational.  By default in MS Exchange, the Allow Out of Office responses,  Allow automatic forward, and Allow automatic replies options are disabled when the destination is on the Internet . Consequently, IsItUp will not receive the returned test messages if this feature is not enabled.  To enable Exchange to reply to Internet destinations, perform the following procedure:



Start Exchange System Manager.


Double-click Global Settings, and then click Internet Message Formats.


In the Details pane, right-click a domain name, and then click Properties. The default Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) domain is * (asterisk).


In the Properties dialog box, click the Advanced tab.  You should see the following:


Select the checkboxes in the red rectangle.


Click OK.