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IsItUp Network Monitor News
October 19, 2023 version 8.81 Simplifying Installations

Simplifying Installations: IsItUp Works with Firewall Service stopped
We're introducing an update to IsItUp that makes installation smoother, particularly when the Windows firewall service is stopped. In some cases, System Administrators prefer to disable the built-in Windows firewall, and this update ensures the installation process accommodates that choice.

Regular Installation Procedure
During a typical IsItUp installation, our program adds a rule to the Windows firewall. This rule allows IsItUp to communicate effectively, ensuring your network monitoring tasks run seamlessly.

Installation with Windows Firewall Service Disabled
Now, our installation program automatically detects if the Windows firewall is disabled and skips the process of adding the firewall rule. This ensures that IsItUp installs without errors or interruptions, even when the Windows firewall service is stopped.

September 9, 2023 version 8.80 Speeding Up Your Network Insights: IsitUp Network Monitor's Fast Event Log Reports

Speeding Up Your Network Insights: IsitUp Network Monitor's Fast Event Log Reports
In the domain of network monitoring, even slight enhancements can yield substantial results. We're pleased to present a recent update to IsitUp Network Monitor, aimed at accelerating the generation of event log reports.

Making Reports Faster
We know that waiting for event log reports to be generated can be a pain. That's why we've revamped IsitUp Network Monitor to significantly cut down the time it takes to process large amounts of event log data. For instance, in the past, creating an error-only report from a roughly 50 million records Event Log would consume several hours. However, thanks to the latest update, this task can now be completed in 10 minutes or less.

Benefits for Network Administrators
For network monitoring professionals, this upgrade translates to tangible benefits:

Swift Decision-Making: Access to real-time event log insights empowers rapid decision-making, a critical capability for promptly addressing network challenges.

Increased Productivity: Expedited report generation frees up time for strategic planning and network optimization endeavors.

Heightened Security Measures: Rapid event log analysis enables early detection and mitigation of security threats, fortifying network resilience.

Make the Most of the Latest Features
Our commitment to enhancing the user experience for network administrators is at the heart of this upgrade. To take advantage of the benefits that come with faster event log reports, ensure you're running the latest version of IsitUp Network Monitor. You can download the latest version from Stay tuned for more enhancements as we plan on adding several new reports in the coming weeks. If you have any requests for a particular report, please drop us a line at

December 14, 2021 version 8.79 makes setting up the Email Loopback Monitor easier.
Version 8.79 adds a check box to the Loopback monitor setup screen, making it a single click to monitor the email server configured for IsItUp's mail relay. Simply click on the check box shown in red below, and IsItUp will automatically configure the monitor to test the mail relay. Since the mail relay is frequently the organization's email server, it is very convenient.

Email Loop back setup screen

November 27, 2021 version 8.78 improves startup speed when using an Email Loopback Monitor.
Version 8.78 improves inbox caching speed. IsItUp must track changes to the mail relay account’s inbox when the Email loopback monitor is configured. This is necessary to check for loopback messages returned from email systems being tested.

September 12, 2021 version 8.77 corrects a security error in the built-in web server.
Version 8.77 corrects a vulnerability in the built-in web server. Taro Software recommends all customers that use the Web View upgrade to this version.

April 5, 2021 version 8.74 updates the Disk Space Monitor.
The Disk Space Monitor now supports FQDN names, IPv4 addresses, IPv6 addresses, and NetBIOS names. This gives customers flexibility in addressing the disk to be monitored. Also, the new IPv6 addressing insures that IsItUp will be able to monitor future systems and the IPv4 addressing provides monitoring for legacy systems. The screenshot below shows the Disk Space Monitor with an IPv6 address.

New Graph Format

In addition to the new IPv6 support, the disk space display units can now be customized by selecting the desired units (KB, MB, GB, TB) on the configuration dialog as shown below.

New Graph Format

This setting applies to both the desktop application and the web view. Below is a screenshot showing the desktop application with a disk space monitor displaying the free space in gigabytes (GB) followed by a screenshot showing the same device monitor in the Web View.

New Graph Format

New Graph Format

October 12, 2018 version 8.69 improves dependency loop detection
Version 8.69 improves dependency loop detection. A dependency loop occurs when one or more monitors depend on each other. Currently, IsItUp detects dependency loops only when a device is actually being tested. The new feature tests for a dependency loop when a device monitor is being configured. This check is done when configuring an individual monitor as wells as with Bulk Update.

This setting applies to both the desktop application and the web view. Below is a screenshot showing the desktop application with a disk space monitor displaying the free space in gigabytes (GB) followed by a screenshot showing the same device monitor in the Web View.
September 13, 2018 version 8.68 improves Drag and Drop
Version 8.68 improves the look and feel of the drag and drop operation. Drag and Drop now scrolls when you move the cursor above or below the device view. This allows you to drag one more devices to groups even if they are not currently in view. In addition, as you drag over a drop target, the name of the drop target is displayed as part of the drag and drop icon. This makes it easier to be sure you are dropping to the correct folder. In addition, a new cut and paste option was added to make it even easier to organize your groups.

New Graph Format

January 22, 2018 version 8.65 improves response time graph
Version 8.65 improves the graphing feature by adapting the graph to higher screen resolutions and improving the graphic layout. The example below shows the new format.

New Graph Format

April 25, 2017 version 8.53 adds a new SNMP Trap Receiver
Version 8.53 adds a new SNMP Trap Receiver Monitor to complement the existing SNMP Monitor. With this added feature, IsItUp now has a complete SNMP implementation. The new Trap receiver is high performance and can receiver thousands of traps per second. With this performance, IsItUp can handle the needs of organizations of all sizes. Complete functionality is provided to filter traps by Source Address, Generic Trap, Specific Trap, Enterprise OID and community string. In addition, one or more Variable Bindings can be configured for filtering as well.

SNMP Trap Receiver Monitor

October 6, 2016 version 8.51 adds a new user interface
Version 8.51 adds a completely new User Interface to make the over 85 dialogs and screens easier to use. Each dialog was redesigned with a new layout, color scheme, and on screen help text. In addition to the new User Interface, several new improvements where made to the Email Loop Monitor. The Email Loop Monitor sends out probe messages at user specified time intervals and waits for the remote email server to reply back. The remote account must have an auto forward setup to send the probe message back to IsItUp. As shown below, dynamic on screen help is generated automatically to guide you through the steps of setting up the auto forwarding on the remote email account.
EMail Loop Monitor

March 14, 2016 version 8.50 adds a new WMI Process Monitor
Version 8.50 adds a new capability to monitor the state of processes. It uses the Windows WMI technology to retrieve process statistics and can retrieve process information from both a local and a remote computer. You can choose between monitoring the actual number of processes, the total memory used, or the total CPU time used by all the process with the same name. The result can be compared with either a range or a constant and a user defined compare operation.  A wide range of compare functions are available including the typical mathematical operations such Less than, Equal to and Greater than. Below is a screenshot of the setup dialog for the monitor.
WMI Process Monitor
Benefits of monitoring a process including detection of a process crash, a runaway process using to much CPU time, and memory leaks.
January 22, 2016 Version 8.49 Adds new features to Bulk Update
A new feature was added to the Bulk Update Wizard to make it easier to navigate between pages in the wizard. Since the wizard now has seven pages, it can be cumbersome to step through so many pages to get to the one you want. Consequently, sidebar navigation was added similar to how the Monitor Creation Wizards work. As you can see from the partial screenshot of the Bulk Change Wizard with the Frequency and Dependency page displayed Bulk Change Wizard Navigation

There is a list of all the pages that make of the wizard along the left side of the dialog box. As you move your cursor from item to item in the list, the cursor will change to a hand similar to how a web page works. A single click on the link will navigate to the selected page. In addition, you can select the Finish link or button on any page to complete the bulk update. A sample scenario might be that a person wants to add an EMail alert to all the monitors. They would simply select the Bulk Update wizard from the Home tab on the main screen. The Bulk Change Wizard would be launched. Then they could click on the "Setup EMail Notifications" link to navigate to they "Setup EMail Notifications" page. Here they can create a new EMail notification or select one from a pre-configured template EMail alert. Finally, pressing the Finish button would add the alert to all of the monitors. If you only wanted to add the EMail Notification subset of the monitors, then you would click on the "Select Monitors" link first and then go on to add the EMail Alert.