Internet down all the time? Can't convince your ISP there is a problem. IsItUp monitors your ISP 24x7.

  • Both detailed and summary reports of all downtime. Provide these reports to your ISP to assist with troubleshooting.
  • Free technical support by both phone and email.
  • Configurable audio alarms on failure and recovery.
  • Runs as a service. Your computer only has to be turned on.
  • Setup wizards for easy configuration.
  • A unique feature that traces the connection from your PC to your ISP to assist with problem diagnosis.
  • Graphical display of both real-time and average response time.
  • Export of historical data to a spreadsheet for further analysis.
  • IsItUp can monitor any thing, not just your ISP. As homes become more automated, you can expand your home monitoring to include all of your smart devices as well as your ISP.
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Frustrated with your ISP?

Sample Report

Nothing can be more frustrating than when your internet connection drops. The internet has become such an essential service that it’s hard to be without it. IsItUp’s internet connection monitor alerts you to problems early so you can resolve them with your ISP. Frequently, when you report issues to your ISP, they run circuits test and tell you nothing is wrong. IsItUp solves that problem. You can monitor internet connection drops and record their exact time and duration. Reporting this to your ISP provides convincing evidence of your issue. Not only is this information critical to keeping your internet connection operational, but it can also save you money. Some ISP's will deduct downtime off of your bill if you report the outage. Whether you use DSL, cable, fiber or some other connection type, IsItUp will keep track of your ISP’s availability.
Sample Up time / Down time report




Easy Setup

IsItUp Network Monitor is both simple and intuitive to setup. When IsItUp starts up for the first time, a special startup wizard walks you through the initial configuration making setting up an ISP monitor with alerts a snap.

Generate Reports

It is easy to run reports of the uptime and downtime for your internet connection. There are two types of reports available. The first gives you detailed information including the time of the failure and its duration. The second is an overview and give you a percent uptime and downtime. Both of these reports can be provided to your ISP to assist with troubleshooting.

Network Monitoring

IsItUp includes a complete suite of monitor types. You can use the Ping Monitor for simple availability monitoring or use a specialized monitor to test HTTP servers, DNS servers, SNMP enabled devices, IP Monitoring and many more.